Is the Amazon Fire 7" Tablet really worth purchasing?

The amazon fire 7 tablet has proven to be a popular tablet on Amazon and other outlets. Over 10,000 people rated this product 3 stars or more on However, does it live up to the hype? Is it worth the money?
The Good
  • Thousands of FREE apps
  • Easy to use for films, books and music
  • User friendly
  • Very affordable as it is a reasonable £50
  • Screen quality is excellent and you can adjust the brightness
  • 7 hour battery life
The not so good
  • Picture quality is quite fuzzy as it is only 2 megapixel on the rear
  • It only has 8GB of memory (unless you buy an SD card for extra storage)
  • The charger they provide is short
  • Additional costs for some apps such as prime and audible
  • Additional costs for opting out of ads or even buying a case
  • Could be lighter
Overall, I think that this product is a very good deal as this can be seen as an alternative, cheaper buy to an ipad. There are various apps that are available, in particular, the amazon (pre-installed) that adapt well to this tablet. There is a small fee here and there for apps such as ‘prime music’ which isn’t really an issue when you establish the privileges that can be attained.



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