Campaigns & Projects I have been involved with as a Social media co-ordinator

The following images are of online campaigns that I have supported as my voluntary role at Sustainable Hackney.
For this campaign, my main aim was to establish a connection with users by informing them about a monthly fixing event which tackles electronic waste. From this poster, which was tweeted to S.H. followers it helped to create a buzz and word of mouth promotion. There was a great turnout for Hackney Fixers as many users from the website and Twitter were successfully informed about it. Pictures of the event can be found here. 

The people’s march campaign – to raise awareness of the “climate crisis” in the UK.


I have helped with “bringing to attention” some notable campaigns such as DECC petition. In this case, the “department of energy and climate change” declared cuts to the solar in feed tariff. I helped to create some publicity to this as it affected the future of ‘clean energy’ & small projects such as Bannister House would not be able to stay in employment, due to the cuts.



Other campaigns I have helped to fuel in terms of exposure is the “Bishopgates Goodyard” opposition plans. I linked this to the blog section of the S.H. website as a fellow member wrote a post about it. On this section, it has links to a petition and Youtube video where readers can gain an insight into the’unsustainable houses’ that were to be built in the area.



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