Perfect snack for breakfast (vegan)

Great way to energise. Eat clean. 
Settle your taste buds. Detox.
I kept it very minimal. The grapes and banana alone gives it a natural sweet flavour. Feel free to add any other fruits. The yoghurt I used is a vanilla and tastes fantastic!
 Alpro dairy-free yoghurt, banana sliced and small grapes. 
All of the ingredients should be easy to find in your local supermarket. It is affordable and is the perfect snack, ideally, during breakfast. It is made with a vegan yoghurt that is gluten & lactose free but be sure to check the label. 
Some of the nutritious benefits:
Grapes & Banana: Contains antioxidants which helps the body fight against diseases. Rich in potassium which has been linked to regulating blood pressure. 

Dairy Free Alpro Yoghurt: Low in saturated fat and sugars. Rich in calcium and contains vitamins B and D. 

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