Fitness progress – MINI LOG

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In the past months, I have been looking for some ways to improve my fitness level. I have found that there are lots of barriers, however, it is never too hard if you motivate yourself to become better. For me, it is about self-belief a lot!! 

The first thing I carried out was signing up to (a quite new) local gym near mine. It is called Easy gym. They have quite a few locations around London but I have only signed up to the one (located in East London.) I have tried going a couple of times already but if you are a newbie like me, it’s best to not go too much. If I push my body too much, I tend to experience very sore pain on bones or tiredness the following day or two.  For me, it’s best to exercise at a regular pace that fits your own body.

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I have been focusing on my diet too! To be honest, I try to avoid sugary drinks like coke and replace them with water. I also stay away from the “bad” fatty foods that are packed with saturated fats, for example a bacon cheeseburger. Although, every now and then, I might eat a meal with ‘high in calories’ like steak and chips or ‘sugary snacks’. Obviously not in excess. I try to eat healthy -lots of fruit and veg (check out a snack I made with low-fat yoghurt and fruit HERE).

Overall though, my fitness goal is to lose some weight and maybe even convert it into muscle. Keep up to date to hear about my individual fitness progress. I haven’t decided how often I will post this but stick around.

If you have any tips or any suggestions or just want to leave a message – feel free to comment.

More blog posts coming soon.


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