What Clothes I bought & what I thought…


With summer around the corner, I decided to buy a spring/summer cap. I have never actually worn one for a couple of years – so it was definitely an overdue purchase! Although this particular style is just a logo and simple, I like it. It gives me the impression that it is quite versatile and can mix it with all range of clothes. Not bad for 10 pounds and (since then has been reduced to a fiver at most shops/online stores.) 

Some of the other clothing items that I have purchased in the past couple of months are Adidas trainers, puma T-Shirts, Ridgewood shirt & Brown leather work boots.

The puma T-Shirt will be useful for exercising  e.g. going to the gym. Although I have not worn it yet (as it was delivered today), I can already see the neck area does not look tight – which is a good thing.

Needed a new pair of trainers as the previous one was looking a bit rough. So decided to buy this treat. Very easy to clean these with a damp cloth if they get dirt on them. Still looking brand new and I have had them for exactly a month. Great buy.

This printed Shirt (inscribed with names of locations) just looked so visually appealing to me. Would have loved if there were some other colours too with the same design. The actual style has a casual tone to it. I couldn’t understand why when I looked at the price, it had been reduced from 70 pound – 20. Definitely not complaining though as this was a huge factor for me buying this.

I bought these leather boots in December. They’re great for keeping warm on a cold day. The obvious downside is that the rain-water can damage the boots- so in the long term you’ll have to keep buying leather shoe protector. But well worth the money as it gives a sophisticated look.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section. 


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