Review: Shaka Zulu (Restaurant)

Located in Camden, Shaka Zulu not only has a bar or a club venue but has its very own restaurant. Their menu is South African inspired, offering lots of variety ranging from beef to a unique choice of crocodile & Zebra meat(which I wasn’t brave enough to go for). They also offer a vegetarian and halal menu for people with a specific diet.


As soon as you enter, the visuals are amazing. You are greeted by one of the staff who will tell you where to go if you have made a reservation. The music is quite chilled. At times it can feel like a maze as it is quite spacious but that is what adds to the vibe. Not only are you going to eat but you are buying into the atmosphere.


For a starter course, I tried the Peri Peri chicken which had a very inviting presentation when plated. The chicken was very crispy which I liked but it did not blow me away with spice (and I am a lover of spice.) Whatever they coated the chicken with did in fact have too much salt. This is why I suggest trying something else from their starters menu. The lamb samosas tasted so much better. It wasn’t overdone with seasoning – just right.


Peri Peri chicken starter

All I have to say is wow with the main meal side of things! I ordered half a rack of ribs and the portion size was more generous than I imagined. It was coated with a sweet BBQ sauce. The fries also complements the ribs very well as it was a light choice of side.

The cost in general for what you choose fluctuates depending on what type of food you want to order. Most of the main courses cost were very fair. However, if you are going for the ‘Fine Quality Beef’ section then it can be a lot pricier.


BBQ Ribs & Fries [Main Course]


Shark Alley

The drinks menu was unbelievably packed with so much choice. There are cocktails, ciders and non-alcoholic fruit drinks. It can be very expensive if you are frequently buying drinks. I decided to go for the first drink I saw on the menu which was the Shark Alley. There was a clash between the lemon and sugar which gave it a mixed yet great taste. I noticed that all drinks seemed to be served with so much ice. I recommend asking for no ice.

If I had to give it a rating out of 10 for overall I would pick 7. Purely on the fact that there is always room for improvement. The service was quick. Lots of attention to detail especially with remembering what our table ordered. However, they could have been more accommodating by ensuring people actually were happy with what was ordered. But it is worth a visit if you want to try new styles of food that you haven’t tried before!

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