Summer Jacket & other cool buys!


Yes, that is me in the photo, I couldn’t get any good shots with the jacket on its own (except for the back of it of course).

I love this summer jacket! It feels very light and comfortable to wear. If you have a backpack you can carry it in there and have no fuss at all storing it. Alternatively, you can just carry it by hand when you don’t feel like wearing it. I would personally wear this with any type of jeans. This could be skinny jeans, regular, slim and so on… A summer cap would look great with it too and lastly, a printed shirt to complement the design. 

I bought this particular jacket because of the abstractness of its design – making it very versatile and easy to wear with different types of clothes. The imagery and colours has an earthy and vibrant feel to it which makes it a fun style to experiment with.  It certainly fits well as it is offered in a variety of sizes from extra small to extra-large. It also has convenient sized pockets where you can put your phone in when you are listening to music. 

I had no clue at first that it was made by French connection as I was more drawn into the design rather than the brand. Needless to say, I thought it would cost me quite a lot more considering the brand however I paid a lot less. The sum came to a respectful £34 for the jacket. It was on a special offer (discounted from a massive £90). 

Other things to note, is that it can be washed by hand or in a washing machine! However, I wouldn’t put it in dryer to dry as it could affect the quality. Asos currently have special discounts on different type of brands of summer clothes. Keep a look out.

Some other clothes purchases.  The middle shirt was £7 – not bad at all.

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