Places you might want to visit in London

Shoreditch area is packed with shops, cafe, art, restaurants and let’s not forget that there are some really good bars & pubs. I recommend giving the whole area a deeper look when you are free as there are countless places to explore. I still have a lot of places I would like to look at in the area especially the graffiti art. The Boxpark which is close to Shoreditch High Street station are always running events too. Some free. They have competitions on social media too.


Really enjoyed visiting the Pop Brixton. I was surprised this was the first time visiting the place. They co-ordinate a lot of free events including music, spoken word and much more… Staff are very accommodating too. It had a community feel which can makes you feel welcome. A vinyl shop. Lots of food places too. I visited the area for their “Straight Out the box” event. Very interesting how a few instrumental beats and words can inspire so many people creatively and put on an entertaining show. Snapchat-6506480611341885168.jpg


Straight Out The Box event – I think the stamp was an apple. Who knows. But we enjoyed ourselves.

Here I am on the roof of the Create Jobs building, located in Old Street. Currently involved with this lovely organisation (Creativity works – name of the project) involving collaborating with other 18-24 year olds. We are creating a festival on 19th July. More information will be available in a couple of days ( I promise…) I am really enjoying the experience and events planning is very fun.


Following through with Creative works project I am involved with, at the venue we visited that we are going to hold our event (Styx in Tottenham). I discovered this open oven pizza. I haven’t tried any but I hear it is GOOD. Lots of variety (see image below.)


 I visited Field Day. Not only was there live music all day but this was an opportunity to understand the masters and works of a successful festival.This is a yearly event. It just celebrated its 10th anniversary. You had your major acts and more niche artists. So I think they got the balance right. There were some artists I never heard of which I have now added to my spotify playlist. I managed to capture some moments. See video below:

Any comments… Feel free to post below.

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