Hey everyone! Just thought it would be great to share a blog. In this post, I will update you all with what’s been happening as I have suddenly vanished from the blogsphere for a month or two.

I have been taking part with some cool, refreshing projects. I have been sharing a lot about my experiences on my instagram. So head over there https://www.instagram.com/markzfocus/ I am hoping to continue from where I left off with blogging with sharing more stuff.

First of all, I’d like to say thanks to everyone that viewed the blog post that I made about the LDNXY event that me and many others promoted. It was a massive success as it did create a bit of a buzz. I was so happy to put on an event for young people around my age or older. It was an event where you went to enjoy yourself, network and showcase young talent in the London through spoken word, music and debate. And let’s not forget us (young creatives) that put together this fun event worked our brains off. It was truly a night of celebration of skills and hard-work. Shoutout to everyone that came.

the swarm.jpg

The fun doesn’t stop there. I am now promoting the events for The Swarm.  A unique bee opera which infuses art, music and life of bees of course! Hear more: http://www.thequorum.co.uk

They have a competition going at the moment – where you can free tickets to see them live and a goodie bag of bee related stuff taking place on Twitter. If you have an account just use the hashtag #theswarmcomp to join in.

I feel like I can chat more…But should keep it short and simple. So do keep a look out for future blog posts – a lot will be about events I attend, food, photography & some of the usual posts.

Untitled design (6)

Leave a comment if you want to say anything or introduce yourself… Speak to you all another time. Over and out.


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