ASUS X555L Mini Review

Quick laptop review!

A friend suggested that I should do a quick review for a laptop that I recently purchased on my blog. Just to give my own honest take on whether this laptop is a hit or miss. I was long over-due for a new laptop. My previous one was similar to a candle that kept blowing out. It just wasn’t working to plan. Had to keep getting it repaired (wasn’t worth the hassle anymore). Time to buy a a new one after five years or so of being a dedicated ACER user.


The ASUS X555L has a mighty appearance. Stood out for me when I was navigating around PCWorld.  It has a practical feel and is the type of laptop you’d carry on the go >> IDEAL for travel << as it’s not too heavy. But in all honesty… If I am comparing it to the mac obviously that is much lighter. But this didn’t cost over thousand. It was under £400 which is quite reasonable based on what you get.

– extended battery lifespan
= 8gb memory (there is one with 4gb going for cheaper)
– good value for money (what I paid was around £350 – not bad)
– clear and powerful sound
– fast
– light to carry
– windows app store – access to various apps (lots of free ones)
– keyboard does not get dirty e.g. trapped dust

– mouse is very sensitive
– battery goes quite quick if you’re a heavy laptop user like me 😦
– might need a higher cost laptop if you want more features

OVERALL: A good purchase for me. There were more positives and I got what I paid for (if not better).





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