E-BOOKS that I am reading ATM!


Realised a couple of days the magic of the Amazon fire tablet again! I have been using this more in the last couple of days for reading all my soon to be favourite e-books. It makes my book reading experience so much enjoyable this way. To think, I can highlight and make notes as I go along. This however is not an ad for the Fire Tablet. It is just a reminder that book-reading is a different experience for everyone and this is my favourite way of interpreting and absorbing lots of text.

The first book called Rivers of London was recommended by my creativity mentor. I read the first few pages and the theme is fictional crime and adventure. The genre is urban fantasy. Small taster of what it’s about: Police officer meets a ghosts that witnesses a crime. Once I finish this book I will let you all know what the highlight was for me. screenshot_2016-09-21-14-12-06


Next one has another cool design on the front cover. It is by The Fitness Hippie (Ryan). It’s a lifestyle book  – covers mindset, habits and includes everyday recipes. This should keep me busy when I am struggling what to create out of a home ingredients. Or looking for lifestyle motivation.


Next two books I am going to group together as they have similar themes – self-help, mindset & have gone on to be one of the most talked about books of our generation. The power of now really grabbed me as the title echoes the power of time and “living in the present moment” Once again, I haven’t read them all yet but as soon I finish I’ll give you the full picture. I am hoping to gain quite a lot of insight & inspiration & thought it would be cool to share what I am reading from time to time.



Let me know in the comment section what books that you’re reading… 

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