First week at Shape!


Image: First day at Shape Arts.

Super excited to kick off my role at Shape Art as a marketing intern.  If you don’t know who Shape Arts are I’ll explain but firstly…

A big congratulations to Shape as they recently turned the big four zero. 40 years of breaking barriers as a disability led arts organisation..

Now you are probably wondering who are Shape?

I describe Shape as a disability led arts organisation that allow for more diversity & opportunities for disabled artists or creatives pursuing work in the creative field. Interesting fact: they also work with other many organisations to create better inclusiveness e.g. by delivering training and resources – some of which can be found on their website

Now onto my first week…


first week at shape

Shape are based in a studio at Deane House Studios (see very first image) and have quite the team.

At the office, on my first day, I  got introduced to the whole team. Lulu who is Shape’s marketing & PR manager took me on a tour around the studio getting to know everyone’s role. I also got some training on the social model of disability by Andrew & Lulu.

In the first week of Shape I did quite a bit of travelling  – attending the Shape events. The Away Day was a great way for me to introduce myself & get a further understanding about Shape and their partner organisation Arts Admin (who focus on artist development) with the Unlimited arts commissioning programme. From this meeting we built on our goals through team-building exercises. Short term – long term goals of how to progress especially with communications & sustainability. Some recommended having more regular face to face meetings with each other.

Outside of events, I worked at the office: giving the social, website, & events a push. Yazmin, the previous intern, gave me an overview of how things are done. Of course, when you are new to an organisation you tend to pick things up as you learn.

We also announced artwork/print by artist Jack Haslam for future events. Then, there was a blog to be put out about the Adam Reynolds Bursary winner so it’s been a busy week!


Print by one of artist

Look out for more similar posts in the future. I will also be posting surprise posts, interviews & collaborations….

Leave a comment if you have anything to say. Thanks for reading!Untitled design (6)

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