Look out for these songs!

Lead singer of R&B group, The Internet,  Syd, has a a new solo track out! It’s called ‘All About Me’ and was produced by band mate Steve Lacy. It’s a track you will listen to on over and over again. Trust me. Syd’s vibe is super chilled. Give it a listen and look out for her album which is said to come out next month.

BBC Sound of 2017 winner, Ray BLK, delivers a brilliant track, entitled ‘Patience’. Fresh sound for the year for sure. The song’s very soulful as the and nature complements the honest lyrics. Make sure you listen to the track in full:

It’s No Lie that Sean Paul & Dua Lipa seem to keep appearing everywhere in music. These two artists collaborate together for ‘No Lie’ and it sounds like a fun mix that takes hold on to the trend of dancehall and dance-pop. Check it out and hear it for yourself:

TYNI‘s Fighter’ song is a track that needs more attention in the pop music world. Her EP is set to be released soon but for now hear her new song below.

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