2018’s Top Music Videos So Far

1. Kiesza vs Malinchak – Mother

I am living for this new music video for ‘Mother’, the new single by Kiesza & Chris Malinchak. The video features the lead-singer Kiesza wrestling her way through an abstract dance composition with Bodybuilder and Artist, Kai Greene. It was an unpredictable dance collab for the video but it works so well. See it for yourself below.

2. Allie X – Casanova ft. VÉRITÉ

Pop Fave Allie X released the music video to Casanova and it features the accompanying vocals of singer & songwriter VÉRITÉ. I love the use of colour and how it delivers such  bold imagery, and the hook in the song just grabs you. Check it out for yourself below!

3. Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B]

When I say 90s you say… Cardi B & Bruno Mars. They’ve teamed up for a new version of the song ‘Finesse’, taken from Mars’ 24K Magic album. The music video screams throwback and has a fun and old-school theme to it. I am loving the 90s fashion in the music video.  Watch it all below.

4. Tinashe – No Drama (Official Video) ft. Offset

Tinashe is known for her high-energy choreo routines. In this music video for ‘No Drama’ she is not playing and you can tell she gave it her best. The dance build-up at the end was amazing. See the full video below.

5. Betty Who – Ignore Me

Betty Who is an artist that I’ve grown to watch more and more within the music scene since late 2016. In this video clip for ‘Ignore Me’, I think it’s a nice step and direction for her career because it’s a different style. It’s difficult these days for artists to pull of a one-take music video and to tell a story at the same time, whilst making it interesting too but she certainly did her thing for this one. See the full video below.

6. Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture] 

Inspired by Prince, Janelle Monáe (aka “the American cool”), has released a music video piece titled Dirty Computer from her latest album. The music video is set in a future where everyone is programmed like a “computer” and to think a certain way. I like how her art translates a theme of freedom and liberation and it’s a must watch. See the music video below.

7. The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk) 

I’m so happy that The Internet are back. In this music video, the band look like they are having the most chilled time ever. I am loving the throwback fashion vibes, their sound. It also feels like they performing a gig through some bits of the video and just enjoying themself. See the full music video below.

I will be updating this list when more of my favourite music videos come to light. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@markzfocus) to stay up to date with my blogs.

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