Life Tips I wish My Younger Self Knew…

My Top Life Tips


~ Challenge your everyday routine.
Trying out new things is great because you can learn more about who you are and what you can really do. Plus it’s just great fun!

~ Don’t compare yourself to others.
This is a tricky one. No-one’s actually perfect (I mean who is?). Focus on yourself.

~ Distance yourself from things that aren’t great.
If something isn’t making you happy then you should move away from it.

~ Don’t be a “people’s pleaser”.
Invest your time and strength into things that build you.

~ Be true to yourself.
Being true to yourself is a gift. It means you can understand yourself better and people know will know where they stand in specific situations. 

~ Avoid procrastination.
Look at what is holding you back and try to change your cycle. It’s all about understanding your own needs.

~ Be inspired.
Inspiration is around us. Be aware of your environment and look for inspiration in new places.

~ Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Self-criticism is something that we have all done. Don’t take things out on yourself and deal with whatever it is in the best way possible.

~ Honesty is the best policy.
Being truthful helps you to anchor your identity and make sense of your own self.

…That is my last tip! I will explore these in more detail in a future post which will be up soon!

Let me know your thoughts below and thanks for reading.

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