Why did I change my diet?


Disclaimer: I am not a fitness specialist and my diet is not the only way of dieting. It also may not for you. This blog is purely a reflection of my own experience and what I do on a daily basis to stay healthy. 

Since the start of May, I decided to set up my own diet regime. I started this because I felt that I was being careless with my food choices.

Despite attempting to diet last year, I realised that I wasn’t monitoring things properly, such as calories, fats and carbs. The other day I even found out that my favourite pizza place, where I normally order a Pollo Pesto Pasta dish contains over 1,100 calories. It just goes to show how naive I was when it came to food. It was instances like these that made me realise that diet is the key to my fitness progress.

Pre-diet days, I had been going to the gym at least twice a week and had been making some good improvements. To be fair, I was good at being physically active and to give myself some credit, I have made a lot of progress in the gym in terms of muscle, fitness and personal confidence but I noticed that my body was still not reacting right to my food which is why I decided to make some changes… I would snack a lot (especially at night) and eat crisps and biscuits (the list is endless lol).

fruits at a market

I am now three weeks into my new diet. I am sticking to more salads. To get a more effective and quicker result, I’ve also cut out rice and pasta because I’m fine with salads and they go well with anything like chicken, beef and tuna… I normally also make my own Chicken soup (you can find the recipe >> here << you can also add more varieties of veg if you like) and it lasts for days.

I normally log my food every time I make a meal or eat out with MyFitnessPal (a fitness app) which registers all of your nutritional information and sets out a daily goal based on your target and the information you fill out at the beginning. It displays your calories and how much fat, sugar, salt and carbs your food has in it. I actually can’t believe it’s free because it has so many features such as a barcode scanner to save you typing the name of the dish and much more…

screenshot of my food diary

It’s nice to move away from online takeaways. I save so much money. and it is worth it in the long term. Moving away from takeaways has motivated me to cook more of my own food. It’s simpler, taste even better and I have control of what goes into my dishes. 

What am I doing to complement my diet?

At the moment, I have been taking part in Street Dance classes at my local arts centre. I normally dance for about an hour and half. Dancing is really good for me because it’s fun and entertaining and I burn calories at the same time. It’s also good for me because it is a form of cardio for the whole body. I really do love it and if you want to see more videos, then check it out on my instagram >> www.instagram.com/markzfocus 

I am also on a brand new training programme as I restarted sessions with my gym trainer. I train with a trainer again because I love learning new exercise routines especially as I have become more experienced at the gym more. I’ve learnt that I need more of a challenge and through this programme I am learning more and more routines which targets the areas of my body that needs it the most such as my abs and chest. 

I’m going to end this blog by saying that no-one’s perfect and just because I am on a diet, it doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days. I hope it goes well for me. Wish me luck!

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